Version 1.04 Release Notes

Changed to Arial font, and created some font parameters.

Version 1.03 Release Notes

By simplifying the svg output, its now possible to use XML2PDF and this stylesheet
to output either to svg (via an xml .fo file that you can rename .svg) or PDF for example.

Version 1.02 Release Notes

Changed font-sizes and added 'px'.
I can't get split diagrams to work.

Version 1.01 Release Notes

Features Added

Verify option to check for self capture (if not allowed by current ruleset)

Version 1.0 Release Notes

Features Added

Marks displayed in black and white.
Added plain format, board clipping and numbering options.
SVG max width estimated from longest comment.
Solved problem of displaying moves on un-numbered stones.
'Label' attribute supported.
Javscript extensions for diagram splitting parameters, thanks to Dmitry Mayorov.
Labels on empty points hide grid lines underneath.
Moves with @at='' flagged as passes.
All Info attributes shown, apart from those mentioned in the 'hideInfo' parameter.


Javascript extensions only work with Xalan, and also need bsf.jar and js.jar
The XML viewer X-Smiles does not work with this release, because it cannot interact with bsf.jar (I think)
If the record includes stones added during the game (after any initial setup), the stylesheet will probably get confused.

Future Plans

I will try to add support for variations.
The current Go XML format is not well suited to variations. That is,
<Black number="1"/>
<White number="2"/>
<White number="1"/>
<Black number="2"/>
<Black number="3"/>
Would be more usefully expressed as
<Black number="1">
<White number="1">
<Black number="2"/>
<White number="2">
<Black number="3"/>
In this way a move and all its ancestors are the only ones that need to be processed to create the board diagram.
Also an off-the-shelf stylesheet that draws tree diagrams could then be applied.
I have so far been unsuccessful at pre-processing the XML into this format.