0 30 4 three choices we send
mind round the bend
weave thy love to wax and wend
quick this prick bleed what is the king?

to signify one is a good choice to take the brunt of the onset of a period one
stutters quite a lot
jintranta hap beskrolpen
beseeches unto the lord of the glorious luck bestowed upon one on seeing ones wife to the detriment of the actually needy
that's all it is
get them to black out in fear using the holy book
be banished from the people
a bit of the sadism

have something wooshy go through your brain as you are half asleep its from
shrapnel from the war between pack-o and can we come in
nobody except you sleeps in or is drowsy in the night
old age
side effect of cutting off a mole
bitten by a dog that survived rabies
kayak angst
nuclear magnetic resonance scan on the knee
protect your hearing one day that blow against the blocked nostrils does nothing
attacked in bed
vetinarian has too much work
never going to church again honest to g-d
you slept aboard your own boat
hospital visit requiring full anaesthetic

passport vanishes from house
the reivers they walk through wall they say we are the reivers we look for things to steal tell everybody it helps them
everywhere in world you must be company director to have passport
you already mention it to friends they take it to make it be

the drummer from the beatles when you ask him about how he started drumming
he plays a dull beat
he talks about gambling
he carves a bust of himself from a melon
he met someone with congenital baldness varanishopan
all maudlin stuff about exposing yourself with a sign on your head saying niddah luckily the kids are dyslexic

women want a bigger house
for them to impress their friends
for the children to have their own space
having the builders in is a decent metaphor serving double time

menstrual cycle in maori is
huringa paheketanga
takei mahara
tangata ki waho

a doctor prescibes you
brain semi-cell treatment
the hippocratic oath is a bit too restrictive

chocolate its
one of the army's killing words on a bayonet charge they might be brought up agin it
its a sticking point in discussions over search filtering in communist states
its something cavers put in their helmets
its quite a bad smell clean your teeth
charming man the father visits you in mental hospital eat it! very stern all of a sudden
swimming pools are sinful
it gets another forty in
jesus is able to cure the blasphem anyway understand what this man says people!
the greatest moderator of the fission reaction ever found
tea kilogrammes per person by nation coffee alcohol the same chocolate that information you pay for
the stork has to eat
find out whether you're in a church
its for anything slab sided that's the hershey bar style
we grab a gun and ammo kill a few people kill ourselves lots of ammo left over
may we find our way to jesus lord chocolate
sure yeah sure great you're putting me in a difficult position hear we're putting you in prison you have to shiv someone you get out fast with even more fame
here he comes great man his opinion of chocolate is lower than anyone else's
a demon made more flesh than usual round here
something to give to families with lots of children
did you see that manoevre is there anyone out there watching who can graps the awesome power of the eff one mclaren
the raffle four fifty its a little lacklustre considering what you're getting five thousand pounds for charities around norwich norwich museum centre clamouring for money
send it to church the church bar is a different sort of bar
balance practice decending stairs with bar of chocolate on the head
walking past in a proud way
pouring your scorn and horror into throwing away the wrapping
running around as if you've got a broken leg
its a rene mackintosh bar
my dad's from spain
there it's yours
tony soaprano may his memory be a blessing
put them three scars on the belly rank and sound hovver over you playbus with the margin ground

scrotland the place where everyone is nice
as they may invite you for dinner then murder you
as they still go to church in primary school
as its easy to find wild places
as you can find yourself in trouble in the wilderness yourself
they have guns
in the pacific islands they pull a face when you catch them near the sea
they wear kilts
its cold people stay at home its nice to get out and mix

the mental health assesment team show up again you
complain reasonably yet never offer them alternative enmploy
try to overwhelm the system as nobody can leave it anymore
chat outside in the cold answering nosier and nosier questions charmlessy
have a load of mates round for a pisstake party with kids the same time
wear a suit go to church more
scientology study the same thing
invite everyone there out to a fish and chip supper
mention the garden
how about the mafia
tracking apps for the mobile showing your mates wandering the mental hospital wards
the ouija board in a mental health setting
gentetically predisposed to having the appearance of mental illness have a scar on my head to prove it
moominmama she's drawn differently when the little moomins leave for an adventure kind of concave face
vulnerable thats code for aggressive cryptic thats code for bothersome
are you a patient or a colleague?

the wife is taking on a bit of weight over the menopause due to
< eating too much sugar
eating every day
eating the same amount

funny things to do with food
caches of kiwi fruits in a minefield
spring onions for jungle troops
pineapple juice as an aphrodisiac
chocolate buried in the garden for a treasure hunt
pesto sandwich
hot water and a dash of vinegar
herbal teas
the keyboard player eats a banana on stage
orange hypnosis
knife fork spoon chopsticks hands spoon with ledge
its lartay bonsoiree enscargot bonne repast

a tribe in the jungle bash heads as part of what they do its a way to
deal with naughty behaviour
teaching children about periods
warning other tribes they are fierce

whats all this about loving jesus its
very few women are capable of loving a man
we can swap out the presoul take the hit for mother mary the woman loves the sin of the flesh
jesus saves as unto his preaching so it abides in man the detriment of tribulations of the spirit that is the father the sun and the holy ghost

killing communists is a funny joke in some parts of the world as
all classifications of people are evil
its an expensive business

to believe in the power of television we can
join the bee bee sea
watch wes watson
watch limmy
change the backgrounds for the talk shows
be happy on telly
starsky and hutch buUt
a special on circumcision for grownups for the four out of five in the britain
godzilla eat tokyo

the first one
the middle one
the first one

to indicate the dangers breaking niddah the nips
pixellate closely related sexual acts
pixellate the tampon use
have a special suicide forest

during rape women often
fight back
squint a lot
consider how to leave an indication of a person's gait

best business award goes to
occupational therapist for post traumatic stress survivors
talking tampon sunni muslim edition
vending machine elevating the market

tampons are for
transexual men
destroying society
silly moments

how waste quizzes
tell them to limmy
have the prime minister inform his party piecemeal
use them as occupational health remedies

to get men smarter we can
have a tradition of bashing on head with stick contest
give them brain comprehension paper by post
throw sheep down holes
call off invasion in stunned surprise
get a stickler
the size of the group
knowing more than someone else about what they want to know about

to fix a problem nobody wants fixing
give a woman a very noxious odour about ten million coffees
blood transfusion
liver transplant
electro-convulsive shock treatment
cripple the lad
get the lad to move away providing another man for the woman along the way
get the guy to kill themselves over there too
import frozen babies from siberia

to get people into the idea of monthlies
the bee bee sea has chocolate recipes on its news page four days a month
the queen announces the royal period as an additional bank holiday
a woman's diary is filled in for every day
the contraceptive pill warns women to avoid taking it during their period
all men and women have funny walks
more earthquakes
paddy's removals
captain scarlet and the mysterons

g-d's idea of a joke is
just what constitutes murdering a human being
oil and gas chemistry
plants with altitude sickness
a woman knocks out a man he is a jew
bonze followed by registered mark this is unicode
composing music writing a book
stick a bit on the end of that one
make a few models of the tribulation zone with its tent its tabernacle its cutty sark there's a kit

fallen foul of the local statutes you
get a chocolate mouthwash
go for laryngeal cancer
get a load of mates to drink only decaff coffee supplemented with cannabis cookies for a year
smell a very rotten carcass
get into a boxing match one of you always survives
have a foot massage
shut up for a year
electric shock land in pedophile world bust your chops that's prison slang
how you going to fix loose bowels then?
you've been in a tree for ten years technically still a child
get circumcised
make an image of christ
go round the kitchen combining everything in pairs with water make a note of all the combinations you refuse to drink
the hajj its a huge chunk of metal greatest playright ever the women are a little more straight forward in response
get a tattoo of a tear on your face
there's something wrong with that bastard sword
point at things
get squashed by a tank of uranium
shove a spear into the womb of a pregnant bison
live long enough
maybe its modulo two
eat some hallucinogenic broth

to get one's elevens up one
lives long enough
asks muslims behind the counter whether they want to sell pornographic magazines given they already sell chocolate
boast in public that one has never been knocked out in a fight
be instrumental in transmitting a textual work in a format that denies g-d's hand in the world
drink some menstrual blood

we found a new school of reform judaism we can remove one aspect of tradional jewish beliefs
men must cover their heads outoors
the circumscision thing
the niddah thing
inheritance money

paradoxes of human society
super-intelligent computer becomes irritated by silence
women know their memory has a gap in it
men know the route to becoming brainier
having a circumcision early promotes quick healing
an hour is an hour is an hour thats the rules from oxford to baking school
too scared to do that again it might fail we'd never be able to do it again for certain
the train timetables
theres a nuke its from a drone thats from a torpedo thats from a submarine the nuke has exploded underwater the whole of the britain is under water
there is writing there is money there is buddhism
the baby is born what a relief with the fingers and toes
its a thousand times more difficult for children to stone other children to death
the more ejaculations the more jumpy the videos
the never have this concept people lose to the have this concept people
ten dollars and harley davidson sold to mctavistock
make a little slipup fix a hole in the roof that's women for you
we convince them there is something very interesting on the end of their finger
nobody can come up with any reasonable explanation for killing somebody
those that get beyond childbearing age having more than two surviving children are too mad to advise against it
he's been insulted by the king
big family where's this ever going to end
picked on for doing the same thing as everybody else

upsetting things to happen
grappling with someone they fatally stab you they let go
laying there dying someone comes along touches you lets go
being held in someone's arms as you die
discovering you're gay
watching a telly show with the family listening to their daughter die over the bedroom intercom
becoming part of the black mass with a stillborn
this tree tries to kill me
the last robot samurai

world over population solutions
all medical intervention is animating zombies anyway
breathe chocolate on a pregnant woman
spring loaded grappling hooks automatically released from shoulder of dying man
chat to n dogs making n + 1 statements s
dangle the men from a hook giving them full circle rotation capability
find these that break ground
handstands are satanic
sperms live in seminal fluid within the vagina a lot longer than they used to
have an expensive plot in the church put a massive marble edifice on it live in there
danger from the east thats a load of shite its from the west
the leader of here is trying to break through to a new level of fame still we say die there are too many of you
a farm is different every day a factory is the same every day
one boy two boys thats enough one girl must try boy
cross cousin marriage with joseph and mary
squirt this on the plants
electric cars
an open grave two hundred quid with a micro digger six foot down one metre ten clearence
good enough to be english
photograph the females all ages underwater
enough females its very easy for them too fall into the nothing
shaken baby syndrome get rid of the holes in plastic bags
the reformation and the witch trials
whatever's opposite a zebra crossing is council business
we give them all months off work mortgage payments ceased they can all grow vegetables in the garden keep a few animals we tell them the crisis is over then we kill them all
destroy ireland
go to china to learn how to poison men its the honeymoon
ban air travel
the family have ecks plus two children how many do you kill
kill a china in china for the hmong
get your wedge out we're going down the races here she comes over fifty ten quid she's got four kids miscarriages count even money
nukes from a fridge never going to happen from the airforce have a debrief sit in an armchair for the mission may as well do going up in a plane -->too dead for you dying of liver failure have a swing on the curtains that's frigging in the rigging riots dead people nobody knows nothing
take a look inside the vagina turn it into one of those things nothing to do with me

the wife is having a period you
buy her a box of tampons
find out what's going on in a house full of pedophiles
stitch another jewish foreskin onto the end
watch one of those shows about interior decoration in a grumpy way
get the priests in to bless everything in the house except the dungeon
never trust a man
are allowed to look inside the box containing the things the family already knows
ark rowl
still teaching you to be a squib at school?
join a business artillery group
take the teenage daughter thats in her prime with you to visit the bank manager to discuss the ovedraft
get the kid's exercise books out start giving them marks
shag her wearing a mac talk jesus stuff
put he in a body that requires backwards time survival parameters
make sure she has her eyephone with her
women are morons that do useless stuff together

circumcision is great
its all the songs are about
it makes you believe in conditional probability
the things you see during the operation
what it is to join in as a reform jew
it gives you opinions contrary to men
it stops people knocking on the door
eat all you want buffets
open up the hole take a photo
you can use the my foreskin app to find out what your opinions are
find out the different circumstances in which some brain to voice transforms cease during the production of the utterance
you are to train as a doctor that's the sell people are calling you a coward for avoiding the snip
a jew is a jew who is to ask? the idea is the one many can follow we place these strings on your hands we bring in the puppeteer for what is remote?
circumcision is a reward to be earned
the alternating generations take a chomp on the bar for the snip audience
the trophy cabinet with the balls on ice the little ginger willies pinned up in a row all the little circumstised willies
the young donkey circumsised is very much tadah! its today! on waking up every morning
all grinches want more grinches
knee them in the groin they go down
just returned from male hell having a runabout with a pair of ladders in the woods
we're against communal exercise as it encourages another numbers episode

a man is near a touch and go killer getting a foot massage
he becomes scared of burying animals that are dead except snakes they can escape
he finds a strange spikey thing in his ear
yes miss yes maam destroy the world again at your command
three eye cue always on the devious

the inner foreskin is the wrong way round
nutrition restriction
make cups to pour seminal fluid through
check the weather its sunny its cloudy its a telephone
join the army
pinch a kid's penis
chop the whole thing off

jesus' miracles that are merely tricks with a cup of coffee
water into wine
healing the sick
catching a lot of fish
the paralytic we've thrown him off the roof once
calming a storm
casting demons
feeding the five thousand
walking on water
healing the sick again
healing via the touching of a garment
women possessed
raising from the dead
all that weird waffle about the footie results all a problem in comprehension for the men the women can hear fine they just never act upon it someone mentions a sports team they act interested that's a hint
first prize a cadillac eldorado second prize a set of steak knives which for me always denigrated steak knives for some malicious purpose third prize you're fired fourth prize you get circumcised my friend oh do i have your attention
you may have touched your father's foreskin my dear

the philippines famous for
landing on the poles
highest jump from space
zeppelin bridge conceptual sight to formosa
curing the blashemy with their cuisine
human rights human wrongs
crew of big ships
having tables the correct height
movie theatre attendances

barking dogs
bark back
what's up you randy beast
listen intensely to the echo
get involved in the about to do something phase
a dog is forced to touch a telephone
opps sorry she's talking to the dog

drugs throwing something on the get back
go berserk grab hold let go run around for the agains
cough twice talk crazy gibberish
run around taking the tiger heat dead meat
hippy peace staring into space flower power joss sticks flame out

official state religion
official preferred religion
any religion
other five percent
we open up a branch of scientology in jerusalem they tell us to stay at home we never open it again scientology can only be spread by conquest
circumcised french monkey all great religions
common good as opposed to survival of the fittest
that one where you hope for the best and everyone else dies
big man philosophy we have to go to the sod's party with some gift that looks great keep all the good stuff back for our party
we cycle through popes one per week
always be the last to stop the applause
lets talk about christ coming back to earth as a female in the menopause
a man with legs is designed to build a house bury me with all my toys for jesus christ
we take over herod's place he's got big rooms
the app make every decision that the great leader is asked you make the same ones double plus good
we get a respected sex worker to jazz up the mosque in tunis
power induced dyslexia
temple can be well
we do some research the sports stadia are destroyed in these two cities in japan
the ground just for meee
a woman has three children the wrong wrong one the wrong one the right one
working to fettle and organise a completely transparent machine in silence
the quran a nice read keep away from touching one
g-d is ashamed of his power
the apprenticeship of sin
how about we crucify someone who does a bit of prohesy and is banished from the people and gets involved in someone dying
how about we get these athiests to believe in one of the g-ds
the fucking queers are seeing everything as for the good of humanity everyone on the airplane is here to have sex with alligators we're praying for cloud cover
dog's in church
its the sodding hindus shoving it up the prime minister's arse so far he's going to cough up jesus in the shit again
how can we cope with what this man does with the strings of power he is holding
g-d is mad management is mad the priests are mad the congregation is mad the animals and plants are mad
he's battled to be king he sacks his speechwriter
a hole in the roof of church
bin the whole idea get invaded by an even worse lot
reading in bed
allah rubadub
ancestor worship
scientology wonders how come with church attendance so low we do anything further to explain the issue
we stop them eating they die we stop them drinking they die we leave the foreskin on they manage for a while they come to some kind of logical issue that trips them up making women happy for example they desire a good war well fingers crossed
there's a lot of things that a more than g-d can cope with most of them are written down in the old testament
send the gallway stones back to ireland
hunter gatherer g-ds nomadic g-ds farming g-ds well we got jesus christ he's amazing be nice to everyone that kind of idea screw these ay rabs how come the saudis got all the money anyway the farmers can never figure out how to worship this yahwey guy all the loot is from believing a prophesy meant to destroy us
lets kill all the french then all the ukranians

things to curse
tram stops
the rest of the dalles

computers whats going on with computers
the display is too fancy
pagination regular expressions the list goes on and on until we get to the bottom of the page full stop
whats going on with my code that's great
all the mini chinese empires experimenting on people there the founder is on television too
today we are writing that is all we are today writing
the double compilation we load in all the screed from the atlas
unicode with massive glee we've messed up again with special zones 0xD800 to 0xDFFF generating U+DB80..U+DBFF generating special zone U+F0000..U+10FFFF generating special zones U+FFFFE..U+FFFFF and U+10FFFE..U+10FFFF
ratcha anachak thai
all we see all we can do is sounds back to us
fascinating what we can hear of the great lenny these computers have flashed past human abilities in chess and go in a few years ending the fascination of the games for centuries jesus himself can play a few moves of an opening sequence astounding to onlookers the moves plucked from tomorrow beautiful is the comment anyone from liverpool says a thousand horses for courses absolute piss take to some
the victorian ideal of continual tinkering to keep the thing running
artificial intelligence screw with the graphics processor too somehow its papering over the cracks
the opposite of a snake in the bucket that's a unicorn on mars and everything else including this logic
one can only contain one three can contain one of the other two it takes a very long time to figure this out
generating a computer program from specs is quite an art form
the eye chown changes your ownership
postscript come on its a page its a piece of paper its paged memory
closures come in the same year apple computers is founded big joke from the maths people later on
my sibling becomes evil as a computer operating system what to do to influence people
we boot up whith the first letter of the aphabet lowercase bold avantis em tee as sixty one
two shenzhen's on the go its a nightmare scenario
sixty four or thirty two bit we using whirgies
area fifty one
iron man
three hundred character limit the fourth message gets reviewed to assess your motives

the mouth foamers
found you!
be confused about what your doing
have a good old game of chess
infect them with covid
the david and goliath tale
hit them hard in the testicles
the skull rack for the skulls of the ancestors
shout out merrwh to them
keep breaking the character with shuddering tactics
the circumcision is more a boring accumulation of facts its a bit dull more interesting is to have a circumcision that's a joke
find something about being rudely dismissed an amazing learning experience
what have you been saying thats in reference to your initial remark
its quite simple

the people begin to park bad
impeding the postal service
increasing traffic noise
validation points accrued
bicycle on the kerb around them
place gifts of squashed cans under the windscreen wipers
set fire to them all annually
the delivery lorry brings with it a trouble tale
have a chat deliver the goods be proud of yourself
he's parked on his drop interseting place where he goes
money claimed per wheel from the council twenty pound per wheel
he's alright he's with us in the club last night move along
they destroyed my house from the sky as a child became an orphan bad luck to everyone everyone needs family to organise their circumcision
move house
shoot some people miles away for corruption
sports fishing can drop in a reference to that
vague death threats its female in the maturity of her years anyway
the cat faeces brain virus
power and influence its a cheesy move to be confused over their motives
get them involved in the business community
send something that gets people to shit their pants then shit your pants for sending it
ground anchors on their drive adjoining the road
flat section then steeper section for the angle
nothing about this person's existence makes any kind of sense anymore
they've decided to be very bad at learning things we teach them how to do things very badly
anyone watching a show about the tribe that keeps its dead around needs a bit of help
how to stop this rat run
you're an imbecile that knows more about management than me
he walks the corridors of power saying the same thing to all the men he meets
we know he is saying something to you of g-d that is bizarre does he reach out and grab your balls?
the saints be praised
release the hounds
launch missiles at aircraft at thirty thousand feet over the sea
walk past and be a bit cheekier with each other
abandoned vehicle
torch the car having problems with the ignition
my rebellion against the insect collective
you've already parked there
the things your husband used to do on that piece of pavement with his girlfriend
las vegas as if its a real place
these mixture twos rape on wedding night is must do
the army have all the scottish highlanders under lock and key very bad news
brings down the price of houses the french moving in
the dove from above
walk into them crack your knee on the fender jump out of your skin one goes past
now then now then this driving past the house that you have determined to continue to do
take a piss in a bottle make yourself useful
trip up over their wall
cross the road many times
see this portrait look at the shoulders see how in the picture they slope do his shoulders really slope as much
top gear
false car approaches
they turn as one
bringing up kids
a car that take off into the air
the cars parked on the road the wingmirror is in the way of pedestrians
cars are getting smarter outpacing people
if only it were duller somehow
now it appears we're dealing with some kind of smally
toad of toad hall the car is a bit quicker than the driver chat to one of them
pointing at things
pee on the side of your vehicle
ask the car idlers for money
be impressed by a particular make of car
be overwhelmed by the cuteness of the parking
pavement tax
after a hard day trying to park in the city centre its understandable to blow off a bit of steam outside your house and praise jesus
just doing a bit of murdering oops parked on the pavement never really noticed relative things you know how it is
attitudes to sin everyone is drunk except me that's me better than everyone else

cars driving past
draw a little map of the area careful now with arrows for parked cars its sixteen cars an hour
have a knockabout with a racket and ball in the street indicate that's it for turning left down the sidestreet
the summer holiday geography project survey of people at the train station where they are going where they are from
its their way of praising christ
its the invention all wheels are in parallel
the widespread moral panic over lone woman drivers being confused with web based taxi firm employees needs to be addressed
stand still never take any notice of what you are looking at as the traffic stops at the intersection move into the road look over the stationary cars preferably with an acquaintance
have chord from drain held by child on other side of road
it is known what time you go to bed
move all the problem houses to a special circuit
women drivers
taking an examination to be able to pilot an airplane
flinging yourself at the vehicle be careful to miss the front
crushing a grape
contact people from outside house
talk to your doctor
build a nuclear power station
go into a pub order a beer sit down never drink the beer
look them in the face call them a coont in a nasty way
make a bit of cash selling photos to scare american children

we hear him say name of animal we run over there we tell this animal we hear him say your name animal jump up fall on his back this is me dead he say g-d looks down says yes you kill him!
some lay eggs on a body very quickly after that body has died
a dog kills someone kill that particular dog
the sparrowhawk is there this mushroom is poisonous
all the animals find a different sort of animal to be
the dipper beautiful bird
the waterfowl the name that is death its a larger bird than the old folks know
the holy cow
horses enjoy watching the boxing
how about we start barking at substances again
bobu jumping out of hot water after the heat has been turned down
chim pansy shows you her readiness
the renowned three tog duck
one of the most ancient of birds first in the books drying its feathers in the wind
bit off the hands and feet as a joke
dogs bite you
cats startle people by landing on the windowledge from the fence
the sheepskin animal of the north pole
the woodland bird a handsome striking sight reddish with a crest shimmering blue bars across the wings in the shady woods the tail fans out for slow control black with horizontal white bar across landing gently on quite a decent thickness of branch a very heavy bird for its size
the bird that hides its long leg the pink bird standing in the shallow water the plastic bird
the evil of the snake of knowledge that makes a tight spiral to use as a platform to extend its course a couple of feet to pull up each turn
the mother is a nig the father is a nog
road rage
heavy beetle
ever been stung running your fingers through the lavender then there's a bit of a bee in your fingers ever been stung running your fingers through the lavender
the zebra midge
the moth at the window

nobody can see there's deadly plants roaming the streets
snakes in church
see this level it goes down a little every year
lucky shot nearto me one
vocab awful you're wrong you're alright you're better orribles double orribles
seagull is dead brain is soup stick around with wrong crowd
taking a dump in the woods
the sink smells bad all of a sudden
speaking is a cure for something we can never comprehend anymore
the wasps getting into the ventilation holes of the van you turf one out another comes in
the small show the white of my tailup
okay lets do a quiz the dogs can see what other people are seeing the aunt comes back putting it into words somehow here is the dog again nosh nosh on the tips of the grass
something rattles about in the bicycle
talk to the hand
breeds of dog
used to be really into the world of animals as a child then one day it all got taken from me

a vegetarian eats meat
a cure for the body harms the brain
an athlete wishes you well
the soap its what the wife buys its always different
bit senile round here
have a niggling ache talk to your doctor
vitamins mom's apple pie
surgeons from curryland
dental plaque removal
secondhand towels from a few binbags outside the nighbour's
reading glasses that you wear out on a cycle ride
the loony left
a man's feet are at war over the years there are victors and there are losers have an itchy eye move the heel of the hand against the outside corner of the eye
messing about on boats the boat capsizes one person is in a critical condition another is completely fine
losing control of your bladder
the kissing disease
take to your bed
useful information section this is a kind of witch doctor
sore nose its dry

christ is amazing
he can place any two objects the correct distance apart
he can form a ring of chockblockers with a piece of paper
his women hear him either as the devil or a normal man
kiss a dying man in his prescence he can cure you with his voice
demons are cast from people of any religion by his word
many romans run from the news that this stinking brew is blankety blank
the pharisees try to cast the tea sealed by g-d into the fire yet they withstand the fire as christ teaches us this is part of g-d's plan
he's laid his hands upon a holy seed to bring forth g-d's word into the land as weeds upon a storm
for as christ comes to jerusalem to rid jerusalem of the romans so it behooves our guests to know of strife far to the west for the city council may move their hand upon the earth by remote workings
christ can place upon your brow an amulet of pure reason that givest thou cause to speak that thy whole kingdom from sea to sea is with g-d
all the covenants of the tanakh that jesus is a signatory of remain in place even unto his death
destroy a tulsi tea plant the call goes out you get one strange dead bird in the garden well you used to now its something else sacrifice yourself for the plant you get two of the something else's
his face can appear covered in scars one day to be completely cleansed in the ministry of john the baptist the next
you can have a few images of christ about you can be less of a wanker to everybody
his silver is as clay that is as one to the fire
he can bring people back from the dead with invasive surgery
embrace christ christ is the alpha and the omega
carpentry what do you make of the chair
you're buried and yet your breathing somehow
we've heard christ is back its all a bit lacklustre so far
bring something unto him for the sages to speak of it be it large or small or oversize
first to wear the knotted handkerchief

the question all women know the answer to

take the last final piss out of someone who insult you
the option exists that one's spirit lurks around waiting for a child to enter
the grave goods knowing a few jews helps maybe a deal can be come to
this woman goes through a very strange keyhole into the hindu world always they are ring me by accident to talk very strange bollocks
the president's dead very good news
the sea must drown some today

you're gay
we put the half caste team on while we're winning
the scottish cunt that gets mixed up about what team he's on
german cricket

a man says to a granny well have a nice time
basic pleasantries exchanged
request for clarification
is he ever going to say it again

farming in different parts of the world
coastal places
north korea