0 30 4 three choices we send
mind round the bend
weave thy love to wax and wend
quick this prick bleed what is the king?

to signify one is a good choice to take the brunt of the onset of a period one
stutters quite a lot
jintranta hap beskrolpen
beseeches unto the lord of the glorious luck bestowed upon one on seeing ones wife to the detriment of the actually needy
that's all it is

have something wooshy go through your brain as you are half asleep its from
shrapnel from the war between pack-o and can we come in
nobody except you sleeps in or is drowsy in the night
old age

passport vanishes from house
the reivers they walk through wall they say we are the reivers we look for things to steal tell everybody it helps them
everywhere in world you must be company director to have passport
you already mention it to friends they take it to make it be

the drummer from the beatles when you ask him about how he started drumming
he plays a dull beat
he talks about gambling
he carves a bust of himself from a melon

women want a bigger house
for them to impress their friends
for the children to have their own space
having the builders in is a decent metaphor serving double time

menstrual cycle in maori is
huringa paheketanga
takei mahara
tangata ki waho

a doctor prescibes you
brain semi-cell treatment
the hippocratic oath is a bit too restrictive

chocolate its
one of the army's killing words on a bayonet charge they might be catholic
its a sticking point in discussions over search filtering in communist states
its something cavers put in their helmets
its quite a bad smell clean your teeth
charming man the father visits you in mental hospital eat it! very stern all of a sudden
scrotland the place where everyone is nice
as they may invite you for dinner then murder you
as they still go to church in primary school
as its easy to find wild places
as you can find yourself in trouble in the wilderness yourself
they have guns

the mental health assesment team show up again you
complain reasonably yet never offer them alternative enmploy
try to overwhelm the system as nobody can leave it anymore
chat outside in the cold answering nosier and nosier questions charmlessy
have a load of mates round for a pisstake party with kids the same time

the wife is taking on a bit of weight over the menopause due to
eating too much sugar
eating every day
eating the same amount

funny things to do with food
caches of kiwi fruits in a minefield
spring onions for jungle troops
pineapple juice as an aphrodisiac
chocolate bried in the garden for a treasure hunt

a tribe in the jungle bash heads as part of what they do its a way to
deal with naughty behaviour
teaching children about periods
warning other tribes they are fierce

whats all this about loving jesus its
very few women are capable of loving a man
we can swap out the presoul take the hit for mother mary the woman loves the sin of the flesh
jesus saves as unto his preaching so it abides in man the detriment of tribulations of the spirit that is the father the sun and the holy ghost

killing communists is a funny joke in some parts of the world as
all classifications of people are evil
its an expensive business

to believe in the power of television we can
join the bee bee sea
watch wes watson
watch limmy

the first one
the middle one
the first one

to indicate the dangers breaking niddah the nips
pixellate closely related sexual acts
pixellate the tampon use
have a special suicide forest

during rape women often
fight back
squint a lot
consider how to leave an indication of a person's gait

best business award goes to
occupational therapist for post traumatic stress survivors
talking tampon sunni muslim edition
vending machine elevating the market

tampons are for
transexual men
destroying society
silly moments

how waste quizzes
tell them to limmy
have the prime minister inform his party piecemeal
use them as occupational health remedies

to get men smarter we can
have a tradition of bashing on head with stick contest
give them brain comprehension paper by post
throw sheep down holes
call off invasion in stunned surprise
get a stickler

to fix a problem nobody wants fixing
give a woman a very noxious odour about ten million coffees
blood transfusion
liver transplant
electro-convulsive shock treatment
cripple the lad
get the lad to move away providing another man for the woman along the way
get the guy to kill themselves over there too
import frozen babies from siberia

to get people into the idea of monthlies
the bee bee sea has chocolate recipes on its news page four days a month
the queen announces the royal period as an additional bank holiday
a woman's diary is filled in for every day
the contraceptive pill warns women to avoid taking it during their period
all men and women have funny walks

g-d's idea of a joke is
just what constitutes murdering a human being
oil and gas chemistry
plants with altitude sickness
a woman knocks out a man he is a jew
bonze followed by registered mark this is unicode

fallen foul of the local statutes you
get a chocolate mouthwash
go for laryngeal cancer
get a load of mates to drink only decaff coffee supplemented with cannabis cookies for a year
smell a very rotten carcass
get into a boxing match one of you always survives
have a foot massage
shut up for a year
electric shock land in pedophile world bust your chops that's prison slang
how you going to fix loose bowels then?
you've been in a tree for ten years technically still a child
get circumcised
make an image of christ

to get one's elevens up one
lives long enough
asks muslims behind the counter whether they want to sell pornographic magazines given they already sell chocolate
boast in public that one has never been knocked out in a fight
be instrumental in transmitting a textual work in a format that denies g-d's hand in the world

we found a new school of reform judaism we can remove one aspect of tradional jewish beliefs
men must cover their heads outoors
the circumscision thing
the niddah thing

paradoxes of human society
super-intelligent computer becomes irritated by silence
women know their memory has a gap in it
men know the route to becoming brainier
having a circumscision early promotes quick healing

upsetting things to happen
grappling with someone they fatally stab you they let go
laying there dying someone comes along touches you lets go
being held in someone's arms as you die
discovering you're gay

world over population solutions
all medical intervention is animating zombies anyway
breathe chocolate on a pregnant woman
spring loaded grappling hooks automatically released from shoulder of dying man
chat to n dogs making n + 1 statements s

the wife is having a period you
buy her a box of tampons
find out what's going on in a house full of pedophiles
stitch another jewish foreskin onto the end
watch one of those shows about interior decoration in a grumpy way

circumcision is great
its all the songs are about
it makes you believe in conditional probability
the things you see during the operation
what it is to join in as a reform jew
it gives you opinions contrary to men
it stops people knocking on the door
eat all you want buffets
open up the hole take a photo

a man is near a touch and go killer getting a foot massage
he becomes scared of burying animals that are dead except snakes they can escape
he finds a strange spikey thing in his ear
yes miss yes maam destroy the world again at your command

the inner foreskin is the wrong way round
nutrition restriction