download for a method using a closure instead of a global
download for an approach generating all the numbers (2, 10, 34, 94, 246, 606, 1422, 3262, 7454, 16766, 37182, 81662..)
download as above
download better guesses, splitting other than twice, equations for 2 and for 4
download guess best split
download file list
download zones.png splash picture
froggy come out of the pond again
all the little creatures are sent off to a big exam
badger gives all the little creatures a look as they leave
badger meets froggy
badger scowls
froggy senses that some of the creatures hide their work from other ones
froggy send all the little creatures all back to do the exam again
lucky for us there are enough badgers for this exam
froggy splashes into the pond to hide away from everyone